Web directory, the incredible way to promote website

Web directories are also known by the name search directories and they existed before Google became popular. They are similar to that of desktop directories where you will find numerous collections of links to different sites. The sites are listed in alphabetic order and users can browse them whenever they want. Nowadays websites are used to promote business. If you have your own online site, then use web directory to promote your website. Your website name will be shown in the directory listing and those listings will be displayed around the web. Web directories will point the sites that actually exist and have high traffic.

  • Fresh content with catchy picture – Try to create original content and make sure you provide enough information about your business and the product you are selling. Don’t forget to add new contents frequently. Viewers must feel that your website is updated frequently. Add catchy visuals to the content so that visitors don’t leave your site immediately. Good content with catchy pictures can attract more viewers to your site.
  • Select appropriate directory category – You must submit your website name that has good page rank. Choose a relevant category in the directories to submit your site. The chosen directory should be search engine friendly. On the particular category the web directory will promote your website.
  • Use a custom search engine – If your site doesn’t have its own search engine, then use custom search engine. Many search engines display the title of your webpage in a search result. Therefore, it is better to use your own keywords into the title of your page. Use keywords that can make visitors understandable and try to put keywords at the beginning of the title. Make sure the selected keywords have potential visitors. It’s a good idea to repeat the keyword in the content of your site’s home page.
  • Advertise URL everywhere – Advertise the URL on brochures, phone book, email address, company letterhead, business cards and flyers. Try to give your website name to maximum online directories which are available.
  • Select paid directories – Static web directories provide links to your website. They have more viewers and good conversion rate. Instead of choosing free web directory to promote your website, choose paid directory. They will give you quick result and they are much faster than the free ones. But you have to pay for the service.

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