Types of Web Directories You Should Avoid for Listing

While Web directories help your business website in becoming search engine optimized and fetch you better traffic, here are some types of directories on which you should not list your business. These avoidable directories are obviously devalued by several popular search engines.

General subject matter coverage

Although it may not be a negative trait of a Web directory to have general subject matter coverage, it might be considered as manipulation by search engines. Such Web directories may not receive a good ranking, thus being of not much value to maximize your opportunities.

Low-quality listings

Many Web directories go on listing just any website in their database. Some of these websites could be of inconsiderable low quality or spam. Search engines may simply discard these directories that list spam businesses. Thus, it is best for you to not list your business on such type of directories. Instead of providing any benefit, these directories may bring down your reputation too.

Low-quality content

Several directories do not even check the type of content present on their listed websites. There are many sites on some directories that carry copied work and get listed there. Plagiarism is a serious offence and this goes especially for doctoral students who are preparing their thesis and have their own website. They should take help from an expert team to remove any plagiarized content in their work. Directories themselves post crappy content at many times. At such occasions, their credibility or value goes down on search engines. A few directories even go to the extent of purchasing links to other crappy websites. Posting junk immediately kills their value on search engines. Thus, you should avoid posting low quality content on your business website, as well as avoid directories that list websites posting such content.

Manipulation in building links

There are some Web directories that manipulate link building. This can be done through various different techniques. However, search engines can detect such directories that obviously look unnatural with manipulated or stuffed links. Such kind of spamming may lead to negative rankings of directories and make them unpopular. Thus, you should avoid directories that manipulate links on one way or another.

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