10 point checklist for writing web content

Writing great content for a blog or website boosts SEO rankings, gains traffic and builds a prosperous brand. Not only does high-quality content ensure a better website, but it also improves a site’s ranking which can boost business possibilities.
Key points to be adhered to while writing a blog are as follows:

# Create original content
Plagiarism is a punishable offense. Readers will not associate with content where the same concepts or other posts are repeated over and over again. Quality content will yield better returns.

#Emphasis on creating strong headlines
Attracting the attention and retaining the interest of the reader is the greatest challenge as users often don’t read word for word. They skim and scan the content, trying to get a quick impression of what it’s about.

#Keep the wordings short and simple
Content should be brief and concise. Include summaries and overviews.

# Accurate information should be reported and sourced
All statistics and data that are stated in the content should be verified. Inaccuracy can have devastating effects. Protect privacy and respect copyright.

#Provide answers
The ultimate objective of a blog post is to provide knowledge and answers to queries which the reader is seeking. The content should be easy to scan, where the reader can pick up important bits of information quickly.

# Know your audience and engage your user
Build a profile of various audience groups. Provide means of interaction to the user. Focus the content around the needs of the user.

# Content should be engaging and thought provoking
Having an important and promising introduction will attract readers to the blog. Anecdotes or stories woven into the blog post can be used to make it more engaging.

# Build trust
Contents which conform to the purpose of the website should only be included. Contact details should be published so that the user has a sense of knowing who is behind the website.

#Regularly update the website or blog
Starting a blog or website is a commitment. Blogs and contents should be updated periodically.

# Create the right look, tone and feel
While creating web pages, one should aim for a unified look, tone and feel throughout the site which is unrelentingly positive.

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